Vincent Thornhill 


Bodies of Resonance
Conference, lecture performance, podcast.
A/D/O, New York, 2019-2020

5G is the promise of a multi-billion industry where an always faster and more connected wireless internet will connect everything (machine-machine-machine) and everyone (human-machine-human).

Within this sprawling infrastructure that is 5G, we reimagine electromagnetic frequency as a way to communicate the array and disarray between human bodies, socio-political bodies, and celestial bodies. As a visual and textual translation of this research, we use the metaphor of the rainbow to describe the 5G network - The Rainbow Network - a humid mesh that appears to us as a foggy illusion, a mythological path that connects bodies and meaning.

Curated by Jan Boelen and Charlotte d’Argence
In collaboration with Guillemette Legrand.